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Your hometown pizza place | Dine in, carry out, & delivery

Your hometown pizza place | Dine in, carry out, & delivery


  • Can I have more than one position?

    Yes! You are initially hired in as a (FOH) front of house or (BOH) team member. Once you begin, you will have opportunities to cross-train and fill other positions.

  • What is your pay range?

    Our pay varies by position, experience (both life experience and work experience), and overall contribution to the team. Cooks are paid more, because they do not receive tips. Servers are paid significantly more than minimum wage and do receive tips.

  • Are tips split between the team?

    No! We fully believe that the person who earns the tip should receive 100% of the tip.

  • Am I required to work a minimum number of hours?

    Yes, and no. There is not a hard "minimum" however we depend on our team to carry the load and fill the schedule. We do not have inactive employees.

  • What are the benefits?

    Since part-time staff do not have official benefits, we do offer internal benefits to our team. We provide t-shirts as well as a free employee meal while working. When not working, employees receive 50% off meals.

  • What are the shifts?

    Our Mon-Sat shifts are 10:45a-5:15p and 4:45p-11:15p. On Sundays, shifts are 3:45p-11:15p. We have an order/prep expediter that works mostly Thu-Fri-Sat 4:45p-9:15p.

  • When are employees paid?

    We run a weekly payroll and require team-members to have a direct deposit account. Official pay day is Friday; however, checks are often direct deposited on Thursday.